Dies Maulidiyah HIMMPAS 19 Full of Beneficial Meaning – Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo

UMSIDA.AC.ID– I do not know when this birthday tradition started. The term “birthday” becomes familiar to the ear and is accepted as a standard sentence to refer to one’s birthday, suppose this term is true, although when referring to the original term in English, the “birthday” or Arabic “milad” the same as not getting close to its meaning, maybe even out of the real intention.

Sunday, (29/10) UKM HIMMPAS held “Dies Maulidiyah HIMMPAS 19”. Where on one full day event after event is done like blood donation, fun bike, SME appearance, photo contest, libe music and other entertainment. The event lasted from 05.30-21.00 hours. The event was held on campus 2 UMSIDA which is nothing but secretary of HIMMPAS own place there.


Blood donors are one of a series of events that are accomplished. It will be beautiful and useful when milad also performs positive things like blood donation activities. Not only is there fun bike is also no less useful and fun in accordance with the tag line fun bike means fun. How unhappy if the main gift itself is mountain bike. In accordance with the child HIMMPAS notabenya nature lovers.


The fun bike event was also attended by the Dean of FEB Dr. Sigit Hermawan, SE., M.Si with his son Bintang. And from the lottery Bintang get the main prize mountain bike. “Alhamdulillah Barakallah … Gowes this morning can be the main prize” mountain bike “.Thank you @himmpasumsidoarjo Success always” concluded @tigis_her in his instagram account. (mutiara)

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