Four UMSIDA Students Win the Sharia Banking Olympiad – Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo

UMSIDA.AC.ID– Four students of Sharia Banking Study Program added to the list of achievements of UMSIDA at the Islamic Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF), held at Bank Indonesia Library Surabaya (31/10). Arin Aprilia and Nur Laili Afidah (two female students from left) won 1st National Banking Sharia Olympic Games in 2017, while Retty Isnawati and Nadia Fira Efendi (uniform yellow hijab) won the best essay category.

Retty and Nadia were happy and did not expect Essay titled “Prosperous Farmer’s Economy through the Business Model of Collective Sale and Purchase Collective Salam” became the best essay in the prestigious competition, “Alhamdullillah, did not expect the essay that we proposed for this National competition qualify and predicate essay best pinned on us, “said Retty.

Essay that tells about innovation of distribution model of agriculture result can not be separated from guidance of Lecturer who is very patient and painstaking M. Ruslianor Maika, S.Hut ,. M.B.A. guiding since the third semester, “Since semester 3, they have often made scientific writing. Arin had been a national paper finalist at UIN MALANG, while Retty had been a paper finalist at Trunonoyo.

In addition they also armed with general knowledge outside banks such as agriculture and technology. And the key is the continuous consultation with a special time to finalize the idea of ​​writing, “he said when interviewed by the umsida press via online.

Sharia Banking Olympiad is a series of activities of Islamic Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) road tour. There are several stages done in this competition, among others, making essays, answer the questions of multiple choice and the last interview. A total of 25 teams who enter the final round of sharia banking Olympic. The first winner was won by Arin Aprilia and Nur Laili Afidah from Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo.

The winners are not necessarily champions without doing anything. “A month before the Olympics, we continue to learn and practice questions so that later can get the best results. And we also do not think can win in this Olympics “said Arin when contacted Wednesday (1/11) then.

In their endeavors, they also asked for support and prayers of friends until finally became Olympic champion and won the best essay. They also hope that the essay is not stopped only limited to writing but can be realized in everyday life. (ni’ma / dian)

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