Cheng Hoo Mosque Took UMSIDA Student to Win the Psychophotography – Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo

UMSIDA.AC.ID– Three photographs by Ahmad Mas’udi Fitroh, a student of Psychology Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA), won the award as the 1st Winner in Psychology Olympiad organized by Indonesian Psychology Association (HIMPSI), Yogyakarta, 27-28 October 2017.

In the Psychophotography-themed race of Harmony in Devercity, Mas’udi promotes the theme of this Unity Harmony. Here are three pictures of his work that make the jury take a long time to look and judge.

The following explanation Mas’udi about the three photos that took the object of Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo, Pasuruan, East Java, to PWMU.CO, Thursday (2/11/2017).

Photo 1


At the entrance is clearly a dark green dome symbol depicting Islamic culture and lanterns of red lit which depict the culture of Tingkok. Integrate into one beautiful unity. Make the atmosphere more harmonious and peaceful.

Photo 2


The peaceful atmosphere will add to the worship of the worshiper (reading the Qur’an) in it even though the symbol of his religion is not visible. Instead, what appears is a symbol of other faiths in the form of red lanterns and golden yellow walls. He is not disturbed by the atmosphere around even remain solemn in running the worship in accordance with his belief.

Photo 3


The teens are engrossed in watching, enjoying, and perpetuating themselves (self-confessed). It appears that the mix between different cultures does not necessarily make the condition becomes chaotic. But if different cultures are mutually understood and mutual respect without coercion then the atmosphere becomes harmonious. (Dian)

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