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UMSIDA.AC.ID– Niswatul Hikmah, student of Ma’had Umar bin Khattab of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) won the champion one essay writing contest with the theme “Generasi Langgas” national level in Literature Festival and Language Festival 2017 held by the Faculty of Cultural Sciences Airlangga University on Thursday (11/30/2017).

The alumni of SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Sidoarjo (SMAMDA) said that she faced many difficulties during the essay writing process, she must analyze the development of Y-generation condition to the Z generation, “The progress and the role of Y generation will be much discussed. So it emphasizes more on the role of the Y generation while educating and shaping the Z generation, the underlying generation that is now in bad image,” she said as she recalled what she did before the final seconds of the essay collection. The title Kontribusi Generasi Langgas dalam Pembentukan Karakter Kids Zaman Now was  finally chosen to scent Umsida name in the prestigious competition.

“The final manuscript was collected on November 12, but I sent it near the deadline, so I wrote it last night, and the day before I went to research, I did not have a book” Generasi Langgas “but there are many reviews on the internet so I can quote it from there” , he said when interviewed Umsida Press (12/12/2017).

Not only that, after writing, Niswa reread her three-page manuscript, then she double-checked the requirement, “it was minimal written in 4-7 pages,” he said. Finally Niswapun added a few things into several paragraphs, he also added the ending of his essay so he managed to extend the manuscript into 4 pages.

Finally, a very sudden struggle managed to lead him to become champion one. From there, Niswa advised her friends, “I urge my friends not to do anything close to the boundaries of collection, because it will be more mature again if it is written in no hurry, unless it can write in one sitting”, Niswa concluded . (inka/mut/dian)

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