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UMSIDA.AC.ID– D-IV Medical Technology Laboratory Students Umsida won the Health Entrepreneur Festival (HEF) competition organized by Stikes Muhammadiyah Lamongan. Cintya Clarita, M. Said Agil Siraj and Karlia Hedit Tiana successfully won the 2nd champion in the competition on December 16, 2017.

Student Creativity Program (PKM) is certainly not foreign among students. But in making PKM also have to attract and innovate. It is in harmony with the products made by these three students. Snails become the main object in the making. Given the number of people who only use the meat and shells, on the other hand this team utilize snail mucus. Snail mucus can be taken advantage of as a facial soap to get rid of, prevent aging, and moisturize facial skin. In addition, facial soap or face soap is very easy to apply and easy to carry anywhere while traveling is very useful for a person who has a dry skin.

Many obstacles that they live, both in terms of lack of research and time are often simultaneously with a very crowded lecture at the Faculty of Health Sciences. This activity should be able to divide the time between the race with the lecture. Accompanied by lecturer mentor Ms. Galuh Ratmana Hanum, S.Si., M.Si, they can pass the initial selection is taken 25 big PKM best and pass for presentation at Stikes Muhammadiyah Lamongan. And finally, they can reach the 2nd Champion Health Enterpreuner Festival (HEF) 2017.

“At first we did not have a target to win, because we saw our opponents really very well. We are just trying to show the best” Agil said with great joy. (karlia / ni’ma)

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