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UMSIDA.AC.ID– All natural products can be experimental materials and produce new things. Eka Santi (left) and Iftita Aprilia (right) presented the results of the experiment to make clear syrup at Bazar IPA on Thursday (11/1/2017). Investigate a calibaration, sweet syrup and delicious work of Eka and Iftita made from cassava leather. Subhanalloh, it is true that God’s creation is not in vain.

Making sugar from cassava skin is easy. After the skin is peeled from the fruit, “cassava skin soaked with water for two days Then blended and taken sari,” said Eka when asked the press umsida. “Cassava peel is then boiled until boiling and added enzyme alpha amylase, after visible slightly thickened, cassava juice hushed for a day and ready for consumption because it has the form of syrup,” he added.

Even more interesting, the syrup is clear, can be added as a sweetener drinks or food, and not make fat. For those who like sweet but afraid of fat, Umsida students can try this work. Good luck!

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