Harmonization of IMM Members, Make Holidays More Colorful – Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo

That day, there is a different look in the campus area 2 Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (10/02/2018). When the majority of students spend vacation time in various tourist objects or in the hometown, it turns out there are students who are willing to attend meet the invitation of the harmonization of IMM members (Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah) in the beloved campus.
In the event that is expected to grow the harmonization of IMM family, the spirit of burning appears in the participants. No less than 50 students attended the event organized by Korkom IMM Umsida (Coordinator of Umsida Commissariat). All elements of IMM campus 2 came to enliven the room that has been determined in the engineering building. This agenda was attended by members of Al Farabi Technical Committee (Fakulras Teknik), Commission of Psychology (Psychology Faculty), Commission of Law (Faculty of Law), Agriculture Commissariat (Faculty of Agriculture) and also Commissioner Ma’hatdUmar Bin Khatab (Faculty of Islam).
The intellectuality of the student must remain sharpened wherever he is. That is the theme this time carried by friends IMM. Not only to foster a sense of togetherness, but also thinks dialectic orientation of community benefits also become a plus in this meeting. Of course this agenda received a positive response from the participants who attended. The discussions that took place during the agenda took place quite interesting and active because all the participants eagerly threw their ideas and ideas. At the end of the activity all elements of the participants and the committee blend into one enjoying the hospitality dishes provided by the committee. The Harmonization agenda certainly does not end here. In the future, it has been designed a follow-up meeting with the header of Harmonization of IMM Part II Members. Certainly in the atmosphere, setting and theme of different discussion. (Ilham / MZF)

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