Wanna Get Closer, These Hundreds Students approached UMSIDA Campus – Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo

As the only excellent campus in Sidoarjo, Umsida attraction is quite prominent for prospective students, especially high school students of SMA / SMK who will soon end their education in high school. Various campus recognition programs are selected to introduce the lecture orientation early so that students can make the best choice according to their advanced education plan.
“Our children bring it here to give insight and enlightenment that the science does not stop until the vocational school course” said Nur, Representative Teacher SMK PGRI 3 Sidoarjo in his welcome on campus tourism program Umsida, Wednesday (14/2/2018).
A total of 275 students of SMK accompanied by 4 representatives of teachers have filled the hall of Ahmad Dahlan, Building E, Faculty of Economics and Business Umsida since the morning hours. After registering, they were treated to the appearance of several video profiles about Umsida that no doubt amazed. So many achievements and excellence apparently exist in the campus that may be by the citizens sidoarjo own many underestimated.
After going through several welcome sessions, the activities continued with dialogue related to registration and scholarship opportunities. “Friends do not worry, Umsida provides many scholarship opportunities and several registration paths according to the needs of prospective students. Umsida also has an internal line of bidikmisi and bidikmisi government. So if anyone feels less able, you should not rush to bury for college “said Anjar, PMB Staff, in the direction.

This campus tour program is one of the excellent programs initiated by the PMB team to better introduce all campus advantages in real and attract new students. Campus tour participants are even welcome into laboratories, libraries, studios, broadcasting centers and various educational facilities that exist in the campus environment. “I hope with this campus tour program, prospective students can consider Umsida more as an educational option by looking at the reality of excellence. Not just glare with the big name campus “said Syahrul Ardiansyah, Ka.Sie Umsida New Student Acceptance (MZF).

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