Traveling hundreds of kilometers to globalize MCV UMSIDA – Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo

Cloudy hawking and rain stains do not make a barrier 5 members of MCV to attend the invitation Exhibition and SME Foster STAIN Kediri. They are Muhammad Rizky Afandi, Riski Adi, Retno Anggraini, Agung Trisna Pratama, and Latif. With google map capital, MCV members across generations depart from Sidoarjo to Kediri riding a motorcycle.

Located at Taman Sekartaji on Thursday (10/2/2018), the event was very lively, with the music keroncong and drizzle making the atmosphere more harmonious. As revealed by Agung “I first visited the SME event outside the city, and I feel very happy, upon arrival at the location of the event, we are warmly welcomed by the host SME (foster) .We also served Nasi Goreng kediri, . ” Said members of the 10th class MCV.

The event was also attended by representatives of photography SMEs in East Java, among others, from Surabaya, Malang, Jember, Sidoarjo, Pasuruan and several other cities. At this expensive moment they began to discover many new relationships.

“I am very happy to meet new people from different campuses, where we can exchange insights about SME activities on our campuses.” Says Retno Anggraini, a 4th semester student who is also a member of the MCV.

In the future, they hope that MCV can adopt activities held by other campuses, and can establish good relationships to get feedback on participation in every MCV event.

One of SME Foster Miftahur Ridho’s managers has its own impression on MCV member Umsida. “I hope MCV can establish with more SMEs Inter-campus Photography with frequent silahturahmi to other campus, so that with a good relationship that we can dig each other information about the campus SME culture is different, so it can be applied to SME MCV Umsida to develop soft skill member and improve image branding Umsida “. Pungkasnya when interviewed interrupted between events. (Rizky / MZF)

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