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UMSIDA.AC.ID– ‘Tapak Suci’ of Umsida re-incised achievement. One of them was brought by student of Al Ahwal As Sakhsiyah Study Program, Umsida Islamic School Faculty, Deky Pramana. Just back from the Malaysian Open championships, he returned with the Tapak Suci Team of Umsida following the IPSI-organized cheese in Lampung. Deky Pramana representing 2 categories in the work is able to become champion in both categories. He managed to bring home the Gold medal in the Men’s Singles category and the Silver medal in the Fighter category.
When asked about his experience in the martial arts scene, Deky Pramana said, “I originally had a Wushu martial arts background in a junior high school. Then gradually learn martial arts. Because silat is the national identity of Malay, culture and heritage Nusantara color. My first victory during the martial arts class category of teenage boys in the city of Samarinda in 2009, and 3rd place winner class A teenage son Kejur Prov Pencak Silat East Kalimantan 2010 “. However, Deky Pramana added, that his silat career should stop for a moment because of the injury he experienced. “In 2011 and 2012 I have to vacuum from the martial arts world because of broken left hand injury while following the selection at the end of 2010. It feels sad, sure. But after healed I got up again. I managed to become the 1st champion of IKS.PI Cup 2013 in Madiun in the category of Class A Youth Competition and the 3rd winner of IKS.PI CUP 2013 in Madiun category Yien Ce (Wushu Free Single Art).
Since his education in Ma’had Umar Bin Khatab Umsida 2016 ago, Deky Pramana more active follow various championships again. The first championship he attended with the team of Pencak Silat Umsida during POMDA JATIM 2017 at UMM category Men’s Singles Art. Deky Pramana added, “This category is the first category I participated in the martial arts championship after fakum from the martial world for about 3 years. Here I was trained by fellow world champion as well as my idol since childhood that is Hamdani. Together with the UNESA pencak silat team, we exercise approximately 1 full month. Tiredness to aching in the left hand that had broken and right knee since the year 2010 was always relapse after practice. Unfortunately, in that category I have not been lucky. “
From failure failure that he received, was able to make it even better. Including delivering to follow the international level championship in Malaysia and won two medals at once in the National Championship in Lampung ago. Finally, Deky Pramana says, “I am very thankful to God for allowing me to become champion, as well as prayer and support from parents, lecturers and asatidz and Umsida who gave us full facilities. Not forgetting to Mr.Edwin Tinda Kusuma who has educated us and become a role model and parent for us in Umsida’s Tapak Suci’ (Real/MZF)

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