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UMSIDA.AC.ID– Joined to Study at Ma’had Ummar bin Khatab Umsida 2013, Abdi Zamroni started his career in Tapak Suci. Practicing with colleagues from Ma’had under the guidance of the Ikhwan, cadres from Banyuwangi and Syarifudin, a cadre of 3 from Sumbawa made him practice. Abdi Zamroni began his first championship in the Unair Cup to represent UKM TMS Sacred Scout, “Although in the championship I have not won yet, but I got the experience and understood that the victory can not be achieved easily. since then I’ve been training harder “.

Despite returning to defeat in POMDA (Regional Student Sports Week), Abdi Zamroni did not despair, he finally obtained his first silver medal while participating in the championship in Jogja. His hard work returned to fruition as he followed the Nail Earth Championship in Bandung, he managed to bring home his second silver medal.

Did not stop there, with the guidance of Edwin Tinda Kusuma as the coach, Abdi Zamroni and friends of SME Tapak Suci Umsida do the exercises with younger brother athletes from SMANOR. In the exercise, they get a much harder and more draining portion of stamina than the previous exercise. He said, “A month before the championship in Lampung Championship Of Pencak Silat, we conduct Training Competition (TC), which we do daily exercise with the same portion but with different training patterns so that athletes do not feel bored with our monotonous exercise routines . And Alhamdulillah, the result I got a Gold medal “. Finally, Abdi Zamroni said, “Humans are given the opportunity to try, pray and trust. However, the provisions still belong to God “. (Rizky / MZF)

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