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UMSIDA.AC.ID- Muslims today can be said to be left behind in the field of science and technology development. The reason, the dominance of science in the world today is always oriented to western civilization. Some scientists and Muslim scholars then try to gradually revive people awareness of the importance of the rise of Islamic civilization, one of them by doing the development of science by still using the viewpoint of Islamic religion (Islamic World View).

Faculty of Islamic Studies Umsida, Together with his cooperation partner from neighboring country, Unisza (Universitas Sultan Zainal Abidin), do not want to be left behind to take part in the process of circulation of people to re-build Islamic civilization through the integrase of religion and science. Through an international seminar entitled “Islamic Thought for Education in Malaysia and Indonesia” which forged in the Siti Khadijah Hall, Campus 4 Umsida (14/4/2018), speakers from both sides supported each other to promote the integrity of Islam into science by explaining the context the reality of life faced both in Indonesia and in Malaysia.

From Umsida, Dr. Hj. Istikomah, M. Ag, dean of the Faculty of Islamic Religion himself delivered his ora ilmiyah. While from Unisza, Prof. Madya. Dr. Normadiah binti Daud and several students of Ph.D program also present ora ilmiyah.

“The context of basic education now has changed much from the colonial era that separates the science of religion and science.Currently many pesantren who founded the madrasah so that there is integration between science and religion, so with this integration will be eroded also dichotomy science” said Dr. Hj Istikomah before ending ora ilmiyahnya. (Fikri)

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