Have we paid Zakat? – Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo


Ramadan will end, Shawwal will arrive. Have we paid zakat? Allah affirms in the Qur’an which means, “And establish prayer, make zakat and bow with the people who bow.” (Surat al-Baqarah 43)

Paying zakat for faith will gain the goodness of the many. Allah Almighty says: “Pick up zakat from some of their wealth by charity that you cleanse and purify them” (Surah: At-Taubah: 103).

For those who have not understood the meaning of zakat, let us refer to the following definition. Zakat means language: growing, developing and blessing (HR At-Tirmidhi) or it can also mean cleansing or purifying (Surah At-Taubah: 10). Meanwhile, according to the terminology of shari’ah, zakat means obligation on the property or liability on certain property for certain group in certain time.

Facing Idul Fitri, Muslims are obliged to issue zakat fitrah, that is 2.5 kg of staple food according to state condition. According to Kasi AIK UMSIDA Puspita Handayani, M.Pd.I, in Indonesia, the staple food is rice, the zakat fitrah is adjusted with the basic ingredients of rice that is rice as much as 2.5 kg, or can be made money for the rice that we eat everyday , The gratitude is exceeded a little, “he said. In addition to zakat fitrah, Muslims are obliged to issue zakat maal, issued when it meets its nisob (QS 9: 103 and QS 30:39). (Dian)