Form of Generation Qualities with Married at Ideal Age

Sunday (8/10) UKM PIK-M (Student Information and Counseling Center) UMSIDA holds a maturing marriage age seminar with the theme of marriage of the key ideal age to form small, happy, prosperous family in K.H Ahmad Dahlan Hall E Building

Exactly at 09.00 WIB the event took place with wisdom. The event is hosted by the Master of Ceremony from the seminar committee. Then followed by remarks by Nur Kholisah as the chairman of the seminar, Yayang Al Maqiyah as chairman of UKM PIK-M and Mr. Hamzah Setiawan S. Kom as UMSIDA’s student. The main event was hosted by moderator Mega Sri Rahayu by presenting expert speakers in the field of Mrs. Nyigit Wudi Amini, S.Sos., M.Sc as Head of Bina Health Care Youth BkkbN East Java which discuss in terms of economic aspects & psychological aspects and Ibu Sri Andari E, SKM, MM as Head of Family Health and Nutrition Sidoarjo District Health Office. On the sidelines of the event, the audience / participants of the seminar were treated to entertainment from UKM Theater Gedhek.


Getting married is simply not justifying the haram. But marriage is the union of two beings from different backgrounds, different thoughts and different genders to form a common life. Surely this is not something easy. Someone who wants to get married should know some things such as how to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually, how to manage domestic conflict, how to be a great parent, how to maintain reproductive health and so forth.

The Marriage Act explains that a person is allowed to marry at least 16 years of age. But the psychological ideal age for marriage lies at the age of 21 years (women) and age 25 years (men).

Through the seminar held SME PIK-M appealed especially for women so as not to rush to marry in the name of love alone. Married at an early age is too much risk because the body and uterus are not ready yet. Indeed in general women menstruating at the age of 15 years. But not necessarily at that age the uterus is ready to be fertilized. Maturity of the uterus lies at the age of 20-35 years. There are many risks if the woman gives birth under the prescribed age such as premature baby, pelvic formation that is not ideal, low reproductive health, high maternal mortality rate, and infant health decline.


If choosing a friend alone should be careful. Moreover choose a partner and then decide to marry him. So get married when ready to live the life of the household with all its consequences. Do not forget the family planning life with the motto of 2 children is enough to create a happy small family and prosperous. Because of the plan then he is the happiest.┬áSalam GenRe! (ni’ma)

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