Phantom as a Practice Material before Handling Patients

Midwifery is not just about newborns and mothers, but midwifery is about the life cycle of women, from the time before the formation of baby candidates, the phases of children and adolescents, the phases of women of reproductive age, the mothering phase, to the menopausal phase. We also learn about female reproductive diseases. From women to women.

There is no specialization in midwifery, because this department is special: everything about women.

Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo has various Faculty one of which is the Faculty of Health Sciences which there are Prodi D4 Health Analyst and D3 Midwifery. Uniqueness and excitement have been passed by the students of the Faculty of Health Sciences UMSIDA not only the theory that they get also the practice and jump directly into the community.

Just as the above portrait shows that students are practicing skills such as poking, counseling, and so on. But uniquely they make their own phantom to be made practice materials before handling patients.
The making of phantom is accompanied by supervisors and laboratory team, the reason they make phantom so that the creativity of students can be developed and use the tool which is not used to be a unique and interesting item. Like the encapsulated results of the sharp tools inserted in the bottle and then given the ground, a little cement, and a little water can then be embedded in a flower ornament then wait until the cement in the bottle dries. Creativity and innovation continue to be developed so that students are able to give their best achievement to the University, Faculty and surrounding environment. (desiska/mutiara)

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