Recruitment of New Members, HIMAKSIDA Hold a Test

Youth should be filled with positive activities. Yes youth is the backbone of the nation’s progress.

One of the positive activities we can do is to play an active role in an organization. Through the organization, we can learn a lot, can experience a lot, and certainly add relationships as well.

Today there are so many youth organizations we can follow. Some examples that exist in Indonesia today include Youth ESN (Youth Educator Sharing Network) in the field of education, KOPHI (Green Youth Coalition in Indonesia) in the field of environmental conservation, YOT (Young On Top) whose job motivates the youth to always be eager to can achieve success at a young age, and not far away, HIMAKSIDA.


To join an organization, you will go through several steps. First, there will usually be a selection of files. Fill out the registration form that contains the general data of self, questions about hobbies, skills possessed, achievements ever achieved, organizational experience, the reasons why want to join the organization, and others.

Then, usually there are also organizations that do not use the form, but ask candidates to submit CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Portfolio. CV contains personal data (name, address, email, mobile phone number, etc.), education, work experience possessed, skills possessed, training ever attended, achievements, extracurricular activities / activities / social activities ever followed.

While the Portfolio is a collection of works you’ve done in the past. Portfolio is very important for you who have talents in the creative field, such as graphic design, web design, journalism, photography, and others.

If it passes, you will be contacted by the organization to follow the Interview (Testing Interview) to be held by them. But there is also an Open Recruitment organization without the need for Interview, but only through file selection only.


Sunday (8/10) Hima Prodi Accounting UMSIDA held a written test and interview test to recruit new cadres and who later elected will follow the step again to become a member of Hima by following the Basic Student Association Latian. “Thanks to all those who have participated in this event the spirit continues to organize to advance HIMAKSIDA.”┬ásaid Laras one of BPH HIMAKSIDA. (mutiara)

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