Not Just Acting, Dance is also a Mainstay Theater Gedhek

Student Activity Unit or UKM is an activity outside the lecture to hone your interest. Various SMEs in the university of course more options so you can explore the ability of your interests and talents. Do not let a butterfly student (red-lecture-go home college) because you will not get a soft skill.

Soft skill you can get when you follow the activities of UKMs or organizations. One of the SMEs on campus is Theater. Gedhek UMSIDA theater category is one of the most popular and popular because it often exists with every performance and performances.

Why the theater?

There is a presumption that if a member of UKM Theater, you must be good at acting. Not really because when you join the theater you are not just learning acting, but also learn about staging management, dance learning and many more

Sunday (08/10) Gedhek Theater is holding a routine meeting and this time filled with dance material. Everything is gathered and taught the detail movement of the dance. New members are very enthusiastic about following this exercise. Can be observed from the number of members who attend and their seriousness in practice. “These routine meetings are held every week and these exercises are their lessons on the theoretical basics, body exercises to train gestures and actors’ sensitivities with the basic dance moves to attract members.” said Ayub as general chairman of UKM Gedhek theater. (mutiara)


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