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(Indonesia) MPR RI Serukan Empat Pilar Bangsa Indonesia

The visit of the Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Hulkifli Hasan, S.E., M., at the enlightenment campus of Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo was greeted enthusiastically by many people from student activists, lecturers, to government apparatus. Vice Rector I Dr. Akhtim Wahyuni, M.Ag also in his speech appealed to all students to really understand what the Chairman of the MPR RI said about the four pillars, “Students must understand correctly what is the four pillars to become students who are not easily affected the news that is very easy circulating in the community without a clear source so it is not easy to be provoked by issues that can damage our diversity, “he said in front of hundreds of student activists.

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Four pillars of the Indonesian Nation has been well known by all lines of Indonesian society, Pancasila, UUD 45, NKRI and Bhineka Tunggal Ika, but not all Indonesian people actually implement it. Chairman of the MPR RI Zulkifli Hasan asserted that Pancasila is a place to unite us (SARA) is not to distinguish us, “People who love their religion well is a person who pancasilais because with a good religion is a way to love his country as described in pancasila first sila,” said Zulkifli when starting public lecture and socialization 4 pillars of nationality in the Hall KH Ahmad Dahlan UMSIDA. “Pancasila is not about pilkada, but how do we maximize the application of Pancasila to the Indonesian people because in the 3rd precepts protect the whole nation means that if there are incidents such as children can not be helped and died because of lack of cost. This is the sin of officials and all of us because we have promised we have sworn to protect the whole nation, “he added. In other words, Pancasila is not about opponents fighting, but mutual cooperation, affection, respect and respect for each other and fair behavior for Indonesia prosperous.


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On the same occasion, Zulkifli explains in the sovereign and ruling Pancasila democracy is the people, “If the sovereign people there must be no injustice, there is no mutual hatred. But all now is not sovereign, it’s all because of money. The right to vote can be bought with money in the event of corruption and other distortions of the miserable people of the people experiencing injustice, “he said emphasizing that that is what makes no sovereign.

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Therefore, on the occasion of meeting students Umsida Zulkifli asserted, “If All Because Money Want Destruction, Choosing Must Use Sense Do not Due to Debt, because given the money given the groceries so the debt becomes so forgetful sense, be a good voter who uses reason in choosing which bring goodness that can bring progress to the people and Indonesia. “(eva/dian)


(Indonesia) Pembukaan Fortama UMSIDA: Wagub Jatim Nyanyikan Bait Kedua Sang Surya

After attending a very tight selection, thousands of these young men finally officially confirmed as a student of Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) by vice rector I Dr. Akhtim Wahyuni, M.Ag and Vice Chancellor II Heri Widodo, M.Si., Ak represent the Rector of UMSIDA Dr. Hidayatulloh, M. Si who is still in the holy land. Thousands of new faces look bright, cheerful and eager to welcome the future to enlighten the Indonesian people flooding the campus I UMSIDA this morning (9/9) to follow the inauguration of new students and the opening of the Forum Ta’aruf Students (FORTAMA) academic year 2017 – 2018.



Prof. Syafiq A. Mughni emphasized how students have good character to build nation. Along with the theme of scientific oration that he conveyed “Student Character Education for Indonesia Berkemajuan.” UMSIDA First Rector is told how the first time UMSIDA standing with only one faculty course that is the Faculty of Tarbiyah with a handful of students. Seriousness and good cooperation from all campus managers make UMSIDA continue to grow every year. Therefore, students must be serious in the learning process during the UMSIDA.


This is in line with that delivered by Vice Governor of East Java Drs. H. Saifullah Yusuf when giving speeches to thousands of new students UMSIDA, “Every year I always attend the inauguration of new students at UMSIDA, so I know how the development of UMSIDA from year to year, ranging from physical development, to the development of human resources as well as students who increasingly more and more alumni and give a big influence on the progress of East Java, “said Vice Governor who is familiarly called Gus Ipul this. “The task of the students there are three, the first to learn, second to learn, and third to learn. So students should not think of anything but learning, not being involved in drugs, but being active in a good community. Students like this will make the Indonesian nation better in the future, “he continued.


Lastly, when Gus Ipul witnessed the signing of UMSIDA’s cooperation with BPJS, he advised us all to join the program and sing the stanza of both songs of the Sun “Ya Allah rabbiku god – Muhammad my visit – Al-Islam my religion – Muhammadiyah movement me” All leaders also sing and enjoy the moment. (dian)


Want an Applicable Learning: Go To Agriculture

Today, Studying in which the science can be applied immediately with applicable field work, only in Agriculture. Faculty of Agriculture UMSIDA has two study program that can make you a modern farmer, food analyst, consultant reliable and open business opportunities.

S1 Agro-technology equips students with knowledge and skills in crop cultivation, organic farming, hydroponics and marketing.

S1 Food Technology, equips students with the knowledge and insight to become a food nutritional analyst, food engineering and food consultant halal, nutritious and hygienic.

Click Further information please call (031) 8945444 ext 143, or come directly to campus 1 Jl. Mojopahit 666B Sidoarjo (in front of RSUD Sidoarjo). Registration batch 2 will be closed on July 31, 2017.

UMSIDA the enlightenment starts here


FAI UMSIDA: Islamic and always Moderate

Islamic and always moderate, that is the feature of the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) UMSIDA in nurturing students to success. You can choose one of the five featured courses:
1. Islamic Religious Education (PAI), makes mentors mental mental school students, Islamic religious teachers, preachers, and consultants Islamic religious education professionals,
2. Arabic Language Education (PBA), makes teachers, Arabic language developers, consultants and professional Arabic translators.
3. Teacher Education Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (PGMI), makes MI Professional Teacher, Basic Education Consultant, Researcher and Developer of Primary Education and becomes a professional young writer.
4. Ahwalus Syakhsiyah (Family Law), makes Judges and Registrars of Religious Courts, experts in Hisab and Rukyah, becomes a sakinah family consultant, and professional advocate.
5. Islamic Banking, makes professional sharia bankers, sharia financial consultants and self-employed entrepreneurs.

Register soon at



Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) is a Superior University in Indonesia which has four major campuses. Campus one is located on Jl. Mojopahit 666 B (front of RSUD Sidoarjo) is occupied by the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Business, and Postgraduate Program. Campus two is located at Jalan Raya Gelam no. 250 Candi – Sidoarjo, occupied by Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Engineering. Campus Tiga is located in Perum IKIP Gunung Anyar, Surabaya, especially for you who want to deepen the Religious and Arabic free and two diploma equivalent. Campus Four is located at Jalan Raya Rame Pilang 4, Wonoayu Sidoarjo, occupied by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Learning at UMSIDA is integrated with Islamic values ​​fostered by professional and dedicated lecturers. Coupled with flexible college schedule, prospective students can choose the morning or afternoon classes with the same quality of service. Register soon at For further information please call (031) 8945444 ext 143, or come directly to campus 1 Jl. Mojopahit 666B Sidoarjo (front of RSUD Sidoarjo). The Registration batch 2 will be closed on July 31, 2017.

UMSIDA, The Enlightenment Starts Here


FEB UMSIDA Released the Students to Study in Thailand

After the six students of the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) left to implement KKN and PPL to South Thailand, seven students of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UMSIDA consisting of two students from Accounting Study Program and five Management Program students released by UMSIDA Rector to join the exchange program Students at International College University of Technology Krungthep (IC-UTK) Thailand (2/6). They will leave on Monday, June 5, 2017. Dean of FEB Dr. Sigit Hermawan stated that the program is the internationalization of universities. “Students study in Thailand, the results of college credit there are taken at UMSIDA. Thai students who study here are also treated the same, he said.

The moment is according to UMSIDA Rector. Hidayatulloh can increase the capacity in each student, “The younger siblings are obliged to issue the powers that have been received by FEB to be shared there. Not only that, siblings must also absorb all the good to improve capacity and share experiences with friends in UMSIDA, “he said.

At IC-UTK, the seven FEB students will communicate and collaborate with nahasiswa from 10 countries. Therefore, Hidayatulloh hopes that they can take advantage of the situation, “Please write a book about unique experiences, cultural exchanges, academic atmosphere, socioeconomic and educational there so as not only lectures, but capacity building by looking at the world from various perspectives. The results of the writing will certainly be enlightenment for other student friends as well as for lecturers at UMSIDA, “he concluded. This is in line with the word of God which says, “Allah created human beings in pairs and tribes to know each other.” What kind of we will share so find many meanings that life is very broad, not narrow. (dian)


Smarter City and Smarter People Through Innovative Internet of Things

Improving service performance has now become a very common thing for institutions both private and government to improve the quality of its resources. Responding to this, the Student Association of Informatics (HIMATIF) Faculty of Engineering held a national seminar with the theme “Smarter City and Smarter People Through Innovative Internet of Things (21/5) in the Hall KH. Achmad Dahlan University of Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA). The Dean of Faculty of Engineering Izza Anshory ST MT convey the importance of the Head of Region and Head of Sidoarjo Regency Service Office utilizing the Internet of Things technology in order to improve the service, performance and welfare, and to engage more effective and active communication with the people of Sidoarjo regency, “Various problems in Sidoarjo can Aided by a strong synergy between university institutions (information technology practitioners, lecturers, students), private industry providers of information technology (PT Telkom Indonesia), and the media. “Thus,” With the Internet of Things the head of Dinas and Kepala Daerah Kabupaten Sidoarjo can monitor and control the types of services that are the authority of each Sidoarjo district office, “he continued.

The Principal Expert of Internet of Things, Digital Services Division of PT. Telkom Indonesia, I Ketut Agung Enrico, explains the various Internet of Thins applications to answer various needs of the community, “The application of internet of things as a supporter of Sidoarjo Kota Cerdas is intelligent control of energy use, intelligent education service (e-learning, virtual classroom ), Smart agriculture (smart irrigation, fertilization, etc.), health care (Smart Health Care) and mobile services (parking, traffic management). “There are many more applications of Internet of Things technology that can facilitate the citizens of Sidoarjo city for daily life -the day. At the end of the delivery of the material, Mr. I Ketut offers an opportunity for the citizens of Sidoarjo city to create a start up entrepreneur who submitted his proposal to the PT. Telkom. It can be accessed at

Information technology expert Ir. Onno Widodo Purbo, M.Eng., PhD delivered the implementation of programming application for Internet of Things, Application programming can be done through practice to activate relay on off, application of light sensor or Light Diode Resistor (LDR), and other types of sensors connected With Arduino microcontroller technology, which is connected to the internet, so it can be controlled over long distances, “he concluded. (Dian)


FEB UMSIDA Boosts Students’ Creativity in Business

Students of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) keep on being encouraged to be ready to become creative and innovative graduates, one of them is by organizing Internal Student Creativity Program (PKM) FEB UMSIDA entitled “Creative and Innovative Student Delivering to Pimnas”. Out of a total of 64 teams, only 10 teams, 5 accounting study teams and 5 prodi management teams, who passed the final round (21/05).

Among the many fields offered, the field of entrepreneurship still dominates the choice of students. Besides being easier in making, this pkm also has high profitability if implemented in everyday life. One of the interesting entrepreneurship PKM is BUDELA (Milkfish Burger Band) raised milkfish, a natural product typical of Sidoarjo, became the main ingredient of meat substitute (patties) in the manufacture of burgers. The team that ca by MS Herdianto mixes natural spices as flavoring patties so this burger is very healthy for consumption. These burger buns are converted into colors using natural dyes such as green from vegetables (Sawi) etc.

Another case with TENNER (Waste Solution Banner). Banner which has been the most difficult waste parsed Amar Muzakki hand-tricked and the team into a bag of water and strong water. Creativity is finally brought TENNER team won runner-up. On the other hand, Alis Setyawati, Rizky Masfuriatul Jannah, and Anharul Kholidin succeeded in winning internal PKM UMSIDA treating used jeans into creations shoes and beautiful bags named De’MEJZ.

Internal PKM FEB UMSIDA brings a positive response for lecturers and students. According to one lecturer Dewi Komala Sari, SE MM, “PKM competition is very suitable to be held in FEB because for the future their business ideas can create business opportunities and jobs for others,” he concluded. (Dian)


UMSIDA Students Serve Community in Thailand

This is the second time Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) released its students to implement KKN and PPL to neighboring country, Thailand. After a search on all faculties at UMSIDA, the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) became a pioneer to dispatch its students to KKN and PPL. Dean of FAI Dr. Istikomah selects the ability and readiness of students both in terms of skill and finance, “Because for KKN and PPL this need soft skill, and financial, we do selection to meet 14 people, then selected from teaching ability, build performance and self confidence and English , Which qualifies 6 people, fits with the quota of the university, “he concluded.

Implementation of the program according to Rector UMSIDA Hidayatulloh inseparable from the movement muhammadiyah, the movement of enlightenment. “Our hope, what has been gained, experience, skills, and knowledge while studying at UMSIDA can be transmitted in Thailand there,” he said, releasing six students before the departure. KKN is actually a form of student self-devotion to society. For that, Hidayatulloh continued, “For six months in Thailand, younger siblings must absorb positive things, dig up and solve problems both in education and humanity,” he said.

Most KKN and PPL ended with reporting only, but not for KKN and PPL this time. The report developed into a description to be developed on campus, and is a reference for improving the quality of KKN and PPL in the future managed by LPPM.

Ahmad Falahi, one of the participants of the Arabic Language Education Program (PBA) explained several things that will be done while there, “We will communicate and collaborate with participants from various universities with the same vision to build the people of Southern Thailand solve the problematic life There. We will take part in the formal institution of Assholihiah School in patani, pesantren (ma’had), teaching by using English in the morning, in the afternoon to ma’had, “he said. (dian)