Beginning with Environmental Care, this Graduate Student Achieves 28 Inspirational Youth Fellows

Fiona Ayukinanti born May 8, 1992 is very concerned about the environment. This is evidenced by his daily activities in the cleanliness of the environment. Not only that, the daughter of the couple Pr Prawadi (Alm) and Rianigsih is also often urge people around not to throw garbage carelessly, especially throwing waste into the river. If such things happen Fiona immediately rebuked.

Starting from the environmental concern around Fiona Zerowaste competition in 2016 and in this competition he was a team with academic administration staff Ammy Yoga Prajati, S.Kom. Really fruitful and inspirational, Fiona’s team became the best 3 team winners who had the chance to go to Singapore in late January 2017. There the team was invited to the Singapore Hygiene Office for a study visit. Bonus from Singapore they are also invited to tour to Malaysia.

In this year Fiona and Yoga are joined again in Zerowaste Academy Sidoarjo whose participants are chosen directly by DLHK Sidoarjo. Daily activities Fiona is active in environmental hygiene, following Zerowaste Academy activities, socialization to institutions and schools related to Sidoarjo Zerowaste 2018.

“Thanks to the Zerowaste award yesterday on October 30, 2017 I was selected to be a participant of Youth Care for Environment and Clean and National level representing East Java Province”, she said proudly. (mutiara)


Hand Over Scholarship from LAZNAS Bank Syariah Mandiri

The scholarship is one of the many benefits coveted by the students. Likewise that happened at the University of Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo. Students from various faculties and departments finally get an answer from the prayers and efforts that have been done.

The award of scholarship from LAZNAS Bank Syariah Mandiri from the Head of Bank Syariah Mandiri Branch of Sidoarjo to Umsida students was held in Building A meeting room on Tuesday (21/11/2017). This scholarship is awarded to students who have passed the selection of scholarship programs aimed at improving academic achievement.


“I hope this education scholarship will be used as well as possible, not to be misused to other education scholarship, yes for education,” said Rector of Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo, Dr. Ir. Hidayatulloh, M.Si. when delivering remarks. (inka/mutiara)


Success in Young Age with Inspirational Youth Award

Yunan Helmy Hadi Nasrullah deserves to be proud of the award as 28 Inspirational Youth Figures. Right on the oath youth day October 28, 2017 son of Moch. Ikhwan Syarief and Reni Sulastri received an invitation from Sidoarjo H. Saiful Ilah, S.H, M.Hum to attend the youth oath ceremony and was crowned as an inspirational youth and pioneer of Sidoarjo district.

The award received by Helmy (greeting familiar) is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Starting from a fad want to increase the bustle and income through selling roasted sausages at the beginning of August 2015. But it turns out that the fad has produced very good results. Many customers, especially the people of Sidoarjo like the artificial sausage of Helmy. The successive years of this 22-year-old youth business progressed rapidly and he received many orders ranging from birthday, wedding, bazzar, and others.

This art-loving man hopes to continue to develop his business in the field of roasted sausage foods. “Alhamdulillah more and more and more people who know my business. Initially only fun to sell in bazzar but the day after the event my business entered in the newspaper Java post to get the award. During this time I just buy sausage and I sell back into a grilled sausages but between February or March I will launch my own homemade sausage products, “he concluded. With increasingly sophisticated and modern progress, Helmy utilizes Go-Jek application to sell roasted sausage and sell at Sukodono village 02/01. (ni’ma)

UMSIDA Legalized 64 New Midwives

BIDAN in English means MIDWIFE which means female companion, or in Sanskrit language called WIRDHAN which means Wise Woman.

Midwife graduates of D3 Midwifery Program of Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKES) Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) finally breathe relieved because they have completed education through struggle that is not easy to become a formidable midwife and professional.

The struggle was sweet when Sri Mukhodim Faridah Hanum SST MMMKes, IBI representative, inaugurated 64 midwife graduates of D3 Midwifery Fikes Umsida academic year 2016-2017 in the hall Siti Khodijah 4th floor campus 4 campus 4 Umsida Jl Raya Rame Pilang no 4 Wonoayu Sidoarjo (15 / 11). “The inauguration and taking of this oath is one of a series of events for graduates to become a legitimate midwife,” said the vice-chancellor of academic Dr. Akhtim Wahyuni ​​MPd inaugurated the inauguration procession.

At the inauguration procession and the midwife’s oath taking place, Akhtim also emphasized that Fikes Umsida midwife graduates can bring almamater, religion and parent’s name, “Graduates of Fikes Umsida midwife must be able to carry the name of faculty and university, carrying the name of religion Islam and parents. Do not stop here, continue education to a higher level because the challenges ahead will be greater, “he said.

After attending a full day of Professional Ethics by a deputy of the Head of IUPA Bidan Indonesia (IBI) East Java, Kasiati SPd Mkes (14/11), midwives understand that when they go to society, midwives must obey and uphold ethics and have superior character especially in facing the global era, “The performance of midwives must return to existing laws and regulations. Karekter midwives who must be there to be able to participate in the community of honest, responsible, friendly, graceful, and commitment, ”

The midwives, represented by Fiani Sukmaida Amd Keb are grateful to the lecturers and parents for supporting them to achieve success, “Thanks to the lady lecturer for giving guidance and constructive criticism, and also to the parents and family has provided support to complete education, “he said to make the invitations and other graduates shed tears. (yusuf / dian)

hal 2 utama

Umsida Reached Prestigious Rank at Energy Saving Car Competition

Happiness is seen from the faces of 7 students of Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo (Umisda) who follow the Energy Saving Car Competition (KMHE) 2017, at Kenpark Kenjeran Surabaya, (7-11 / 11/17).
Because they managed to runner up in the category of Prototype Electric Cars in the competition followed by 22 renowned campuses such as ITB, UI, ITS, UB, UPI, UNJ, UGM, or UNEJ. Total for all categories, there are 80 participants who pass the selection to follow this race.
“The dream that then seemed impossible and sound crazy for others finally came true,” said the heart of Indah Sulistyowati ST MT, team supervisor, on PWMU.CO, Wednesday (15/11/17).
Understandably, he added, we are from a small campus that has not had a strong culture in terms of car competition. “Why dream of becoming a champion? While the other participants are top campuses. So, he said, this is the Dream Comes True for Umsida’s Indonesian Student Association (IMEI) team, “said Indah explaining that the IMEI team is the only one from the Electrical Department, because the others are from the Department of Machinery.
Being a runner-up, according to Indah, is not something instant. “The process is long, bloody. The team sacrifice is amazing here. Because once again, we are not from a large campus, so funds are very limited to research electric cars, “he said.
He hopes to earn sponsorship for the next race at Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2018 in Singapore in February. He believes the team can register better results from now. “Obviously to realize this, we need great support from the campus,” he hoped.

At the tropical concession and prizes at Kenpark Kenjeran Surabaya, (Photo Dian / PWMU.CO)
The IMEI car team that was formed since 2013 began to showcase his work by following the PLC Robotics Competition until finally focusing on car race, which begins with KMHE 2013 at Kenpark, Kenjeran Surabaya.
“At that time we sent 2 cars of urban diesel and electric urban class. As a beginner, our car was too heavy and many more mistakes, “explained Indah.
From there the team then learns how to make the car for the competition. “What materials are light for the manufacture of cars, what light batteries and so on. We learn a lot from other teams at that time, “explained Indah.
In 2014 teams follow Shell Eco Marathon Asia in the Philippines and enter the top 7. “Then come again Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2015 in the Philippines and last year joined KMHE 2016 in Yogyakarta. Of all these competitions we continue to learn so that now finally it all sweet fruit, “said Indah. (dian)


Enterprises Not Betraying Results, Psychology Student Achieved 3rd Place of Psycho Story APSI in Indonesia

Saturday (18/11) Faculty of Psychology UMSIDA once again participated in the prestigious event of Student Olympiad (APSI) of Psychology Association of PTM in Indonesia held at UINSA Yogyakarta. This event was followed by 19 PTM with several Olympic competitions held at UINSA Yogyakarta.


There are four competitions held such as Psycho Story, Psycho Poster, Psycho Debate, and Psycho Paper. From the contest the Faculty of Psychology UMSIDA delegated 5 students and one who followed the race that Lintang follow loma Psycho Story. The theme of the Psycho Story competition “The Role of the Environment in Child Welfare”. Lintang gives the title “Rumahku Surgaku, My Family Reflects My Country”. Psycho Story which was attended by 11 participants from various PTM.


Lintang takes the family environment as a Psycho Story material because the family is the first environment known to the child, but not all parents understand the importance of the family environment, and their presence directly to their children, as well as the selection of material, in the photo at Psycho Story. Both parents read stories for their children. Because love to read and concerned with teaching materials and playing parents to children who in this age tend to inconsequential, but many benefits in a fairy tale for the development and emotions of a child. Also coinciding on the 20th is the world’s child day, then at the end of Psycho Story Lintang says that the Family who can create a paradise in the house, will have happy and prosperous children. The family is a reflection of a nation, and the children in it are the key to civilization and the future of a nation.

Long journey with multiple revisions. Take another photo, practice repeatedly for the presentation. Support and prayers from friends, supervisors, guardian lecturers and all lecturers are very meritorious to Lintang. When TM makes Lintang down because suddenly the committee reduced the time of presentation that was 10 minutes to 5 minutes when it was also trimmed material Latitude time determined by the committee. Finally Lintang managed to become the 3rd champion Psycho Story for the 1st winner achieved by the University of Muhammadiyah Bandung and 2nd champion by the University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


Optimist can do well he managed to answer each question from the jury during the presentation. Believing that the business will not betray the results. “Thank you for all the support and prayers of all who support Lintang. This victory is a manifestation of your support and prayer. Hopefully I can be better.Employment for other friends, although not yet champion, but the effort hard and your will is the champion Hopefully the future of Psychology Faculty of UMSIDA will be more successful aamiin “, concluded Lintang. (mutiara)


Cheng Hoo Mosque Took UMSIDA Student to Win the Psychophotography

Three photographs by Ahmad Mas’udi Fitroh, a student of Psychology Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA), won the award as the 1st Winner in Psychology Olympiad organized by Indonesian Psychology Association (HIMPSI), Yogyakarta, 27-28 October 2017.

In the Psychophotography-themed race of Harmony in Devercity, Mas’udi promotes the theme of this Unity Harmony. Here are three pictures of his work that make the jury take a long time to look and judge.

The following explanation Mas’udi about the three photos that took the object of Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo, Pasuruan, East Java, to PWMU.CO, Thursday (2/11/2017).

Photo 1


At the entrance is clearly a dark green dome symbol depicting Islamic culture and lanterns of red lit which depict the culture of Tingkok. Integrate into one beautiful unity. Make the atmosphere more harmonious and peaceful.

Photo 2


The peaceful atmosphere will add to the worship of the worshiper (reading the Qur’an) in it even though the symbol of his religion is not visible. Instead, what appears is a symbol of other faiths in the form of red lanterns and golden yellow walls. He is not disturbed by the atmosphere around even remain solemn in running the worship in accordance with his belief.

Photo 3


The teens are engrossed in watching, enjoying, and perpetuating themselves (self-confessed). It appears that the mix between different cultures does not necessarily make the condition becomes chaotic. But if different cultures are mutually understood and mutual respect without coercion then the atmosphere becomes harmonious. (Dian)


Four UMSIDA Students Win the Sharia Banking Olympiad

Four students of Sharia Banking Study Program added to the list of achievements of UMSIDA at the Islamic Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF), held at Bank Indonesia Library Surabaya (31/10). Arin Aprilia and Nur Laili Afidah (two female students from left) won 1st National Banking Sharia Olympic Games in 2017, while Retty Isnawati and Nadia Fira Efendi (uniform yellow hijab) won the best essay category.

Retty and Nadia were happy and did not expect Essay titled “Prosperous Farmer’s Economy through the Business Model of Collective Sale and Purchase Collective Salam” became the best essay in the prestigious competition, “Alhamdullillah, did not expect the essay that we proposed for this National competition qualify and predicate essay best pinned on us, “said Retty.

Essay that tells about innovation of distribution model of agriculture result can not be separated from guidance of Lecturer who is very patient and painstaking M. Ruslianor Maika, S.Hut ,. M.B.A. guiding since the third semester, “Since semester 3, they have often made scientific writing. Arin had been a national paper finalist at UIN MALANG, while Retty had been a paper finalist at Trunonoyo.

In addition they also armed with general knowledge outside banks such as agriculture and technology. And the key is the continuous consultation with a special time to finalize the idea of ​​writing, “he said when interviewed by the umsida press via online.

Sharia Banking Olympiad is a series of activities of Islamic Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) road tour. There are several stages done in this competition, among others, making essays, answer the questions of multiple choice and the last interview. A total of 25 teams who enter the final round of sharia banking Olympic. The first winner was won by Arin Aprilia and Nur Laili Afidah from Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo.

The winners are not necessarily champions without doing anything. “A month before the Olympics, we continue to learn and practice questions so that later can get the best results. And we also do not think can win in this Olympics “said Arin when contacted Wednesday (1/11) then.

In their endeavors, they also asked for support and prayers of friends until finally became Olympic champion and won the best essay. They also hope that the essay is not stopped only limited to writing but can be realized in everyday life. (ni’ma / dian)


Dies Maulidiyah HIMMPAS 19 Full of Beneficial Meaning

I do not know when this birthday tradition started. The term “birthday” becomes familiar to the ear and is accepted as a standard sentence to refer to one’s birthday, suppose this term is true, although when referring to the original term in English, the “birthday” or Arabic “milad” the same as not getting close to its meaning, maybe even out of the real intention.

Sunday, (29/10) UKM HIMMPAS held “Dies Maulidiyah HIMMPAS 19”. Where on one full day event after event is done like blood donation, fun bike, SME appearance, photo contest, libe music and other entertainment. The event lasted from 05.30-21.00 hours. The event was held on campus 2 UMSIDA which is nothing but secretary of HIMMPAS own place there.


Blood donors are one of a series of events that are accomplished. It will be beautiful and useful when milad also performs positive things like blood donation activities. Not only is there fun bike is also no less useful and fun in accordance with the tag line fun bike means fun. How unhappy if the main gift itself is mountain bike. In accordance with the child HIMMPAS notabenya nature lovers.


The fun bike event was also attended by the Dean of FEB Dr. Sigit Hermawan, SE., M.Si with his son Bintang. And from the lottery Bintang get the main prize mountain bike. “Alhamdulillah Barakallah … Gowes this morning can be the main prize” mountain bike “.Thank you @himmpasumsidoarjo Success always” concluded @tigis_her in his instagram account. (mutiara)


Becoming a Qualified Youth through Education Simple, BEM FEB with HIMAPRODI ACCOUNTING AND MANAGEMENT Holding Baksos

Social charity, or better known as baksos, is one of the activities of humanity among human beings. Social Services is an activity where with this activity we can close kinship and eliminated with certain goals. Social service between street children conducted by students is to realize the feeling of love, mutual help, mutual care of students to the wider community who are in need of their helping hand.

(29/10) BEM FEB UMSIDA with HIMAPRODI ACCOUNTING AND MANAGEMENT took 3 SMEs UMSIDA ie IKABAMA, TEATER GEDHEK, and TAPAK SUCI held a social service in Sidoarjo square for street children. Not only did UMSIDA’s internal organization play a role in this activity but there were some communities that also supported this event such as Street Children Foundation, Ketimbang Ngemis Sidoarjo, Tunas of Sidoarjo, Earth Our Sidoarjo, and Billah Familycare Sidoarjo.


It is a pride for baksos this time carried with different concept from before that is with collaboration of organization team and community in Sidoarjo which in one day held some session of the event. One of them is a performance that is nothing but the appearance of street children who a month earlier have been scouted and dilati committee.


“What we’re aiming for at this event is the education, so we do not share the funds that we collect for the street children, but we go to education, the reason for financing the education because there is a team of educators of the Street Children Foundation community so we give the funds to SCF for use for teaching and learning activities every week For street children to be quality youth even through simple education. ” concluded Nur Ahmad Yusuf as the chief executive. (mutiara)