Ikabama Youth Force Enlivens Umsida’s Explore Charity Concert

Penulis : umsidaj4y4 May 18, 2019 / Berita

UMSIDA.AC.ID – Explore Umsida is an activity organized by student affairs as a forum for gathering various Student Activity Units (UKM). The work title and charity concert titled “Creative Ramadhan” was not wasted by Ikabama’s young generation to join in the performance show. Several groups that appeared to be very entertaining to the people in the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo area on Saturday (5/18).

One member of Ikabama Alfian said,
“For those who performed it all from the new generation or class 2018, we give more opportunities for new members to show their work and talents, hope for their own friendship, hopefully they can show a positive existence on campus and outside campus,” said the Electrical Engineering Study Program student. 4th semester.

After appearing, the members of the Ikabama UKM participated in mingling with other UKM members to share ta’jil with motorized riders passing around GOR Sidoarjo.

Alfian added, this activity was very good because it had humanitarian values ​​and became a gathering place for UKM members in Umsida.
“In my personal opinion, the program is very good, our human values ​​are still there because we can share sustenance to people on the road and this event can also unite all the people in the ummah, establish friendships between the community and the community, if possible this event is more often held. “he concluded. (rizky)

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