HIMA PAI Umsida Successfully Held a Seminar Degree With 2 Foreign Universities

Penulis : umsidaj4y4 December 5, 2018 / Berita

Umsida.ac.id – The Islamic Religious Education Student Association (HIMA PAI) Umsida has never stopped presenting interesting seminars to follow. national guest lectures and seminars entitled Toward Islamic CSR; Seven Principles For Organizational Transformation, HIMA PAI Umsida presents 2 outstanding speakers. Together with the Center for Policy and International Studies (cenPris) University of Malaysia, Assoc Prof. Dr. Mohammad Reevany Bustami and Ahmad Masduqi, MA from the Department of Tafseer And Quranic Sciences International Islamic University Of Islamabad, Pakistan (5/12).

In the event Mohammad Reevany Bustami explained about social responsibility that must be done in life as a form of accountability to God. Furthermore, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) must be carried out in the people’s economic activities, as the realization of a company to continue to exist, grow and be sustainable. Reevany Bustami said, “At least there are 7 main pillars that need to be known and implemented in an organization to realize social responsibility in Islam.”

In addition, it is no less interesting with the first material. Ahmad Masduqi from the International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan opened the material by inviting seminar participants to make the Koran a friend in the Millennium Era. Considering that today the younger generation is more often chatting with mobile phones than reading the Koran. “One of the things that causes the lack of enthusiasm to study Religion further is the low salary earned by the Mu’alim in Indonesia compared to other countries. And worse, it is now very difficult to find people who use their free time to read the Koran,” he said.

The Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Dr. Hj Istikomah M Ag said that she was proud of the program held by her students. according to her, the Faculty of Islamic Religion as the oldest Faculty in Umsida continues to improve the quality of students, both academic and non-academic. Like the one being held by the Islamic Education Student Association. Istikomah further said, “The enthusiasm of the students to continue working shows the climate in the Faculty of Islamic Studies which continues to move towards goodness. Gaining knowledge is not only done through learning, but also through the spirit of gaining experience through activities carried out by students through organizations,” she added. (Real)

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