Collaboration between Two Heads of BEMFA Produces Amazing Work

Penulis : umsidaj4y4 December 6, 2018 / Berita

The collaboration between the Chairperson of the Student Executive Body (BEM) 2 of the Umsida Faculty deserves a thumbs up. Although different from college, the Chair of the Faculty of Agriculture BEM and Chair of the Faculty of Engineering BEM were able to produce a work that was very useful for the community. With the name Soybean Fermentation Tools in Arduino-Based Tempe Making, the work of 2 Umsida students won 3rd place on the November 27, 2018 Appropriate Technology Competition (LKTTG) held by the Sidoarjo Women’s and Family Planning Empowerment Agency (BPMPKB).

In the search for tools or technology that have benefits for the community, especially SMEs with moderate economic conditions but can still use a tool or technology in their business production process, Mochamad Zakaria from the Faculty of Agriculture and M Haris Muzadi from the Faculty of Engineering want to help advance SMEs in Sidoarjo through his work. “Motivation still wants to help SMEs in Sidoarjo, especially Tempe entrepreneurs. Moreover, Sidoarjo will be exposed as the UKM City, “he said Mochamad Zakaria.

The work of the 5th semester students and 7th semester of different faculties has a quite unique way of working, equipped with temperature sensors and digital panels to show the temperature inside the device, able to accelerate the fermentation process in soybeans to become tempeh compared to natural fermentation. “At 55 degrees Celsius the engine will die and will come back to life at 48 degrees Celsius,” added M Haris Muzadi. Both of them admitted that they were very happy to get through in the top 3 in the LKTTG. Although in the process they claimed to have to carefully divide the time between college, work, street vendors and work on their work. (Real)

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