Lazismu Umsida Invites Students to Understand the Meaning of Sharing in the Month of Ramadan

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UMSIDA.AC.ID – Lazizmu umsida attended the Amal concert with the title “Sharing Ramadhan” on the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo Page (05/19/19). In this activity, it also introduces the general public and student social work to the community. Providing fasting assistance to people who are still on the road when the time for breaking the fast. Here students can provide education on the values ​​of social care.

According to the Head of Office Lazizmu UMSIDA Prayekti SPd I, Lazismu umsida during the month of Ramadan also spread takjil iftar at several points which were carried out with imm hima and BEM. The activity was carried out together with Umsida student volunteers. This is done in the hope that students can realize the meaning of sharing.
“The hope is that students will increasingly realize the meaning of sharing, the cohesiveness of field work and also the happiness of sharing,” said Yekti

One of the lazizmu Team Umsida Jainuri said,
“People are very enthusiastic about welcoming this activity, even they are fighting over each other to get free ta’jil,” he said.

In line with January, the other Lazismu Umsida Team Monique also said that the program was fun and positive,
“We can take lessons from charity concerts, which are forms of sharing among fellow human beings regardless of race, ethnicity and religion.” said one of the students of the fikes

In addition, he continued, this activity also trains cohesiveness and creates harmony, because those who participate in charity concerts are not only from your ordinary team, but all the community members participate in the activity.

“Hopefully this charity concert event will be held every year, precisely in the month of Ramdhan and hopefully in the future it will be better,” he concluded. (eva / rizky)

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