Umsida Students Launched Literacy Corner called Taman Aksara

Penulis : umsidaj4y4 February 11, 2019 / Berita – Through Community Service (KKN), Umsida spreads its benefits to various directions. Departing from the low reading interest of the Indonesian people, especially children and adolescents, Umsida Students presented a Taman Baca (literacy corner) in Dusun Made, Pacet – Mojokerto (09/02). The launching of the library called Taman Aksara was held on the 2nd floor of the At-Taqwa Mosque.

The low interest in reading in Indonesia is something that cannot be denied anymore. This was confirmed by a survey from Central Connceticut State University regarding the Most Literate Nations In The World, Indonesia ranked 60th out of 61 countries. In fact, by reading someone will be able to reach the world in their hands.

Pacet Village Field Adviser (DPL), Boy Isma Putra, ST MM realized that Indonedia’s population growth was not accompanied by the development of infrastructure development which indirectly prayed for the development of education in Indonesia, especially in remote areas. “The desire to read books is there, but the book doesn’t exist. Now this is a problem that needs further attention, “he said

In line with this, Refomey Habibi, Chairman of the Pacs Village Enlightenment KKN Team, said that the presence of Taman Aksara in Pacet Village was the first step that was expected to increase the spirit of reading children in Pacet Village. “Although not as good as other libraries, hopefully Taman Aksara can still benefit in this village,” he added.

The results of the Umsida KKN students’ work program together with the community received a positive response from the Muhammadiyah Branch Leader (PRM), the Aisyiyah Branch Manager (PRA) and the local Takdir Masjid. In his speech, representing Takmir, the local mosque of Udin expressed his gratitude to the Umsida Community Service students for the establishment of the Aksara Park in Pacet Village. “All of the PRM, PRA and takmir ranks of the mosque at At-Taqwa will work together to develop the mandate of Umsida KKN Students for the benefit of the people, once again Thank you for helping in establishing a library in our village,” he said. (Habibi/Real)

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