Penulis : umsidaj4y4 January 5, 2019 / Berita – Students of Islamic Education (PAI) and Arabic Language Education (PBA) Faculty of Islamic Religion Univesity Muhamadiyah Sidoarjo (Umsida) conducted an internship at the Muhammadiyah 7 Gondanglegi Vocational School, Malang. The activity which was held on January 3 to 4 2019 was attended by 71 students and the Dean, Head of Study Program and Field Supervisor (DPL). In this activity, the students were divided into 5 groups which were then accompanied by an Al-Islam, Kemuhammadiyahan and Arabic Language Teacher (Ismuba) to make observations about the curriculum at Muhammadiyah 7 Gondanglegi Vocational Schools, Malang.

In addition to getting to know more about the curriculum at the Muhammadiyah 7 Gondanglegi Vocational School, students also introduced Umsida to students especially class 12. Together with the accompanying teacher during the internship, students were invited to tour the entire school environment and interact with students, teachers and staff It is there. The students were also invited to follow the culture in the school so that the internship activities really blended between Umsida students and the internship host. Rosa Anisa Regular semester 5 Arabic Language Education Students admitted that she was impressed with the family nuances that existed between the internship students and the extended family of Muhammadiyah 7 Gondanglegi Vocational School. our experience as students to students.”

The Internship Activity II was welcomed by the head of the Muhammadiyah 7 gondanglegi Vocational School, Pahri, S Ag MM. In his speech, Pahri emphasized to the students to remain proud of their educational background. “Often students are embarrassed when they enter private universities, especially if they are majoring in religion. Even though it’s a department of heaven, it should have to be proud and passionate in going through college. Just want to go to a tourist spot, so if your department of heaven should be more enthusiastic, “he said.

Furthermore, Pahri said that the graduates of Religion were no less prestigious than other majors. Some officials in this country began their careers as a religion teacher. In addition, Pahri also gave success tips to become a good religion teacher, “So the first Religious Teacher must be Disciplined because the teacher is an example for his students, the two teachers must be professional because if they are uncertain they will be trifled with their students the last must be proud to be a religion teacher because with a sense of pride that is the spirit to be better there will always be, “he added.

Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Istikomah M Ag said that the second internship was held at the Vocational School so that the students had broad insights and were ready if they later taught at Vocational Schools. Because Religion lessons must be given to every level of education, “Considering that the Islamic Education (PAI) and Arabic Language Education (PBA) Study Program has been accredited A, the Internship II activity is carried out outside Sidoarjo so that students’ knowledge in education is broader, besides that Vocational School which is known to have a different culture compared to high school and junior high school is expected to provide additional experience for students to be ready to teach anywhere and be educated in any kind, ” she concluded.

Pingky Sri Widyastuti, a fifth semester PAI student, said she was enthusiastic in participating in the internship. “This is a new experience, feeling how to become a religious teacher in Vocational School is really different from high school and junior high school. In line with Pingky, Dzakiyyah said that she was proud to be a teacher of Religion, “Although  had to take time off from work, it seemed to be very proud to be a religious teacher candidate, considering that in the Vocational School the field of work was focused and religion teachers still had enough to give they are the science of Religion “(Real)

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