Nur Intan Rizqi: This Success is a Gift for My Parents in Heaven

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All trials and obstacles are apparently not used as an excuse by the students of the PGMI study program, Nur Intan Rizqi. After the death of her father when she was in the 5th grade, she was very upset, because the father, the person closest to her. From her father Intan learned to read and write and other things that made her independent like now. Being the 32nd best graduate of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, IPK was almost perfect 3.94 with the title of praise. (11/27/2018).
For her, the most important thing in life, was to make her parents happy, and she was very struck back like picking up an old wound when the mother was picked up by the creator. Coinciding with the seventh semester where she was busy with the preparation of the thesis at that time. “I was already very lazy to do the thesis because of the purpose of the lecture for my parents, when they were gone then why should I go to college,” said the daughter of the late Sumali couple and late Siyami.
Studying at the Muhammadiyah University in Sidoarjo (Umsida), is not a dream for her. “Graduating from high school, I joined the invitation path of state universities but for the fate of God I did not escape,” she said, this gado-gado girl. “Then, joined the test track with the aim of the State University of my dreams, but for fear of family restrictions, I finally did not take the test at the time.”
Her mother works in a sugar factory every six months, the rest are lined with fried bread around the village. Intan remembers his first tuition fee using his mother’s savings.

Early semester is faced half-heartedly and wants to follow the test path again next year. “But in Umsida I feel very lucky,” she said. “I used to be very shy because the environment in my high school used to be mostly for people, but in Umsida they accepted me as I am. Friendly, supportive and not mutually accentuating themselves. Likewise with very good lecturers. “He explained.
Intan, admitted that in the middle of the semester he had wanted to drop out of school because of costs and lack of family support. However, when he told a lecturer, he always gave motivation and even helped a little for his tuition. “In semester one to four, I worked in a factory from morning to evening at four. I always carry all the items needed for work and lectures at once, then leave them at the factory parking lot. “He said,” Then in the afternoon go straight to campus and take a shower at the nearest pom or mosque while changing clothes. Almost every day late Intan always gets additional assignments.
“In Umsida I changed a lot of things, from academic and religious. As well as a good Muslim manners. “He explained,” I used to be quiet, then studied public speaking from community organizations in my village of Singopadu. “In Umsida I joined the PGMI Student Association as chairman of the Human Resources department and the FAI Student Executive Board in the Department of Cadre.”
Never thought she was the best graduate like now, for her to make parents happy is the most important. Only parents who support her to go to school, because they understand the abilities of this one daughter. When elementary school her father did not come to Graduation, the high school also coincided when his mother was sick at the hospital, and unexpectedly during college both of them could not come because it was different from Nature. “I believe this is all God’s destiny, but I will continue my school well. It’s all for them, to be proud of me there. “He said, rubbing his tears during the interview. (Igip).

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