Psychology Study Program UMSIDA Introduces Traditional Games in the “Lali Gadgets” Community

Penulis : umsidaj4y4 May 23, 2019 / Berita

The Psychology Study Program at the University of Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) was invited by the Kampung Lali Gadget Community based in Pagerngumbuk Village, Wonoayu Sidaorjo Subdistrict, to enliven the event in realizing its efforts to reduce gadget addiction on Sunday (03/24/2019).

This excessive use of gadgets which has caused addiction is what the “Lali Gadget” Village Community wants to eliminate, because in today’s world, the use of gadgets that are increasingly prevalent turns out to have a big impact on human life, especially children.

“There have been many studies that discuss the negative impact of excessive use of gadgets, ranging from reduced direct interaction between fellow humans, to the negative impact that attacks health.”  Ghozali Rusyid Affandi S Psi MA Psychology Lecturer UMSIDA said.

This activity aims to grow the spirit of playing traditional games in children. Psychology Study Program UMSIDA introduces traditional games, including jump rope, educational snake ladders, congklak, and many more. Each game is accompanied by a facilitator from lecturers, staff, laboratory staff, and practicum assistants.

This facilitator will share knowledge with children about the benefits of each traditional game. Because this traditional game is not just a game without benefits, but many benefits are gained through this traditional game. “By playing this traditional game, the benefits are socialism, friendship with friends, tolerance of friends and reducing the ego with peers. So from there, all these traditional games can form positive characters for today’s children, “explained Pak Ghozali, the call of Ghozali Rusyid Affandi. (Mega / NAG)

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