Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokātuh

Alhamdulillah, praise Allah SWT for His abundance of grace, taufiq, and guidance so that we are able to carry out the duties and responsibilities in the management and development of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (Umsida).

Historically, Umsida was initially opened in 1984 by its name as Tarbiyah High School (STIT) Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo. In 1990, there was the permission letter of the establishment of High School of Informatics Engineering (STTI) and College of Agricultural Sciences (STIP). In 2000, all those existing institutions were officially merged into Umsida.

At the academic year 2018/2019, Umsida had 5 Faculties and 26 Study Programs. First, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Muamalah has five study program; S-2 Management of Islamic Education, S-1 Islamic Studies, S-1 Arabic Education (PBA), S-1 Teacher Education of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (PGMI), S-1 Sharia Banking (PS). There is also Ma’had Umar Bin Khattab, with D-2 Arabic and Islamic Studies. Second, Faculty of Science and Technology has six study programs; S-1 Informatics, S-1 Mechanical Engineering, S-1 Industrial Engineering, S-1 Electrical Engineering, S-1 Agrotechnology, and S-1 Agricultural Crop Technology.

Third, Faculty of Business, Law and Social Science has five study programs; S-2 Management (MM), S-1 Management, S-1 Accounting, S-1 Communication Science, S-1 Public Administration (AP), and S-1 Law. Fourth, Faculty of Psikology and Education has six study programs; S-1 Early Childhood Teacher Education, S-1 Elementary School Teacher Education, S-1 English Education, S-1 Natural Science Education, dan S-1 Information Technology Education dan S-1 Psychology. Fifth, Faculty of Health Science has three study program; S-1 Midwifery Education, D-4 Medical Laboratory Technology dan D-4 Manajemen Informasi Kesehatan (MIK).

Various innovations and improvements have been made to improve the quality of education services, to achieve the vision To be An Excellent and Innovative University in the Development of Science, Technology, and Art based on Islamic values ​​for the welfare of society. With the vision, Umsida continually reforms and develops in various fields, from educational curriculum, human resources, education and teaching, research and community service, cooperation, infrastructure and strengthening of technology-based governance information.

Umsida has become one of the top Universities in Indonesia. Institutionally since 2015 Umsida has been Accredited with Very Good Predicate. From 26 Study Programs, two of them have been excellently accredited, while 18 of them have Accredited with Very Good Predicate, and the other six are in re-accreditation process.

In 2018, Umsida reached many national achievements. As a Private Higher Education in the Region of Kopertis 7, Umsida was awared at the tenth position of the Excellence Campus (Anugerah Kampus Unggul-AKU) among almost 400 universities in East Java. In addition, Umsida also reached The First Category of research and community service assessed by the Ministry of Research and Technology of Higer Education.

Hopefully, whatever we have done in developing this institution could add people’s trust and make Umsida as the main choice for those who will continue higher education level. May Allah always bless us all.

Wassalāmu’alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokātuh


Sidoarjo, 1 Februari 2019

Dr. Hidayatulloh, M.Si.