(Indonesia) Studi Lintas Budaya, Mahasiswa Ilmu Komunikasi Kunjungi Suku Osing

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In the context of cross-cultural communication studies, dozens of 7th semester Umsida communication science students Visitors to the Osing Tribe were connected to Kemiren Village, Banyuwangi Regency on December 8 to 9, 2018. The group of students came with Adhi Dharma FISIP Ferry Lecturer S IKOM, M IKOM and Dr. Djarot Meidi Budi Utomo, M Si.

Arriving at the location, a group of students who came by the Kemiren village tourism awareness group (Pokdarwis). Communication students, spend the night for a day at the Kemiren Village house. Such as several activities such as cultural discussions, cultural exploration performances, Osing community social interactions, understanding of Osing symbolic communication, and Crossing Osing Culture.

In the first agenda, students gathered at Kemiren village hall to introduce and discuss the culture of Kemiren Village. The program opened with gamelang music and Gandrung dance made the atmosphere warm. The discussion was attended by the 7th Chairperson of the Osing Adat, Lecturers, and Communication Sciences students.

In the discussion, the Chairperson of the Osing adat explained that KEMIREN was an extension of the Mikul Kemronyok Real Plan (the principle of being together and mutual cooperation) carried out by POKDARWIS or the Kemiren village awareness group. Whereas Kemiren itself comes from the name KEMIRIAN (many candlenut, durian and palm trees) and the area’s community KEMIREN, then the name of the area is called KEMIREN until now.

The head of the Osing custom also said, he and the Kemiren Village community wanted to invite youth to preserve and reduce negative activities.
“We held activities with the youth which aimed to preserve culture through the art of gamelan music and dance. It is also expected to reduce the negative activities carried out by youth. “He said

The next day, Sunday (9/12), Communication students were invited to tour the village for the pilgrimage of the Cili Kemiren grandparents and visit the Osing tribe traditional house complex. There they have responsibility for all information to complete the assignment material for the Cross-Cultural Communication course. The activity ended with the submission of eye and photo lecturers together with Umsida Communication Sciences students with Kemiren Village. (Rizky)

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