(Indonesia) Tingkatkan Ekonomi Desa Melalui Olahan Ketela

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Umsida.ac.id – A group of students Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo were ready to serve the community straightforwardly in Tamiajeng village, Trawas sub-district, Mojokerto district from 16 January to 15 February 2019.

According to the head of the KKN-P 48 group Muzakki explained, Tamiajeng village has a lot of potential that can be maximized to empower the welfare of the village community. Of the many potentials that exist, the abundant production of purple tela in Tamiajeng village is an interesting one to manage, because large production yields are not comparable to the few and less satisfying benefits.
“Many residents of Tamiajeng village work as farmers in purple, then sell it. But the sale of tela purple is not optimal because in the traditional era such foods are starting to be abandoned by the people,” Muzakki said.

Seeing the unfavorable situation, one member of the KKN-P group in Tamiajeng Village, Trawas Subdistrict, Mojokerto Regency, Maully Syifa, tried to find a gap to optimize the potential for tela purple which was actually promising. According to him, the development of an increasingly modern era, it takes a lot of innovation to remain competitive, as well as processing purple so that it attracts more consumers to buy it.

Together with the Field Supervisor (DPL) Feri Tirtoni, S.Pd., M.Pd, together with the KKN-P Team in Tamiajeng Village, they agreed to process Tela Ungu into a nugget, with a mixture of processed chicken and additional spices that add to the delicious purple tela nuggets. The idea arose because today people tend to like something that is instant and not complicated, nuggets are the right product because they are included in one of the ready-to-eat foods that are popular and favored by all people.

“Tela Ungu Nugget is a new breakthrough and an addition to the variety of nuggets because, as far as I know, there have been no mixtures of Tela Purple nuggets. This also cannot be separated from the help of other friends, so the delicious and cheap Tela Purple nuggets are formed,” said Maully.

Although priced at a fairly cheap price, which is Rp. 30,000 contents of 20 seeds per package, but still produce greater profits than tela purple which is sold as whole as before.
“We believe that such a price can compete in the market because the quality provided is guaranteed. In addition, we also assist in marketing the Tela Purple Nugget product by creating a web and Instagram account so that product promotion is maximized so that it can be known to the wider community.” added Maully enthusiastically explained.

The KKN-P group student in Tamiajeng Village was very pleased to find out the response of residents who were enthusiastic about the production of this purple tela nugget, especially after getting an explanation of the material used was easy to find and the manufacturing process was not difficult and efficient, but very effective in increasing profits from sales product.

“We hope that what we have initiated and socialized to citizens, can be a race to continue to be creative and innovate in developing the next products, we also try as much as possible to continue to monitor and help if at any time the villagers need us, especially in promoting product, “concluded Muzakki. (syifa/rizky)

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