Umsida Grants Lecture Chairs for Madin Muhammadiyah Ngawi

Penulis : umsidaj4y4 May 21, 2019 / Berita

Muhammadiyah Madinyah (Madin) (Madin), Tempurrejo, Banyubiru Village, District of Widodaren, Ngawi Regency received a grant of 70 seats from Muhammadiyah University Sidoarjo (Umsida) on Saturday (05/18/19). Previously I had never received a grant from anywhere. This was revealed by Bukhori SAg Deputy Chair Madin in the curriculum section when interviewed by via online.

Starting from an accidental meeting with Ir Tamhid Masyhudi, the Daily Secretary of the Board of Trustees (BPH) Umsida who is also the founding generation of Madin Muhammadiyah Tempurrejo, Buchari complained about the lack of seats for students in Madin.

From there, Buchari was enlightened to submit a request for chair assistance to Umsida Chancellor. The request was of course responded well by the Chancellor Umsida Hidayatulloh M Si and finally it could be granted.

“Alhamdulillah, we have received the grant seat and we directly use it in two classes because it was previously lesehan,” said Buchari, PCM Widodaren Cadre in the Da’wah section. “We are a whole family of Madin Tempurrejo, hopefully blessing and become a charity for the Umdida family.He added. (Hesty)

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