Maintain the Quality of Reading the Quran Students, Umsida Require this

Penulis : umsidaj4y4 August 14, 2019 / Berita – Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo really maintains the quality of its students’ Al Qur’an Reading. Through the Al-Qur’an Reading Certification and Student Worship, Umsdia made this a mandatory requirement for students before graduation and as a condition for being able to take part in KKN. This certification was attended by 1,500 students which were held every month from August to December. The certification was held at the LIK Office and PGMI Lab. Different from the previous year’s certification, this year students can directly access the results on, this website certainly makes it easier for students to register and check the results. Puspita Handayani S Ag M Pd I Ka Sie Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan said, “So this system was formed thanks to the cooperation of the DSTI,” he said. The Qur’an Reading and worship certification is tested directly by AIK lecturers (Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan) in order to improve the students’ ability to read the Qur’an and implement Islamic values ​​in daily life. At least Umsida students must meet the standards set by LIK namely Makhorijul Huruf, Fashoha, Tajweed and recitations with a minimum grade of 3. (Real)

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